BJP MP makes U-turn, says Kairana exodus not a ‘Hindu-Muslim issue’

New Delhi: Days after the rampant commotion over the alleged ‘Hindu exodus’ from the Muslim-majority town of Kairana in Uttar Pradesh, the local BJP MP Hukum Singh Tuesday made a U-turn and accepted his mistake of using the term by mistake.


“People left Kairana for economic reasons, therefore calling the migration ‘Hindu exodus’ was a mistake,” said Mr Singh, adding that he would include the names of victims in the list irrespective of the Hindu-Muslim divide. Meanwhile, he asked his workers to verify the list again.


The moderation in the stance of saffron party’s politician came after a door-to-door investigation carried out by the Shamli district administration on Sunday, which ruled out Mr Singh’s claim that at least 346 Hindus had to flee from Kairana because of "threats and extortion by criminal elements belonging to a particular community".


Ruling out any communal and law and order issues behind people leaving the area, Shamli superintendent of police Vijay Bhushan said that out of 150 families out of 346 listed by the MP, 13 families are still living in Kairana while 68 families left the area over a period of 15 years (between 1998 and 2011).


Top BJP leaders, who were in Allahabad for the two-day national executive meeting, raked up the issue of alleged migration in Kairana to attack the Samajwadi party ahead of the Assembly election to be held early next year. These new reports, however, would come as a breather to the Akhilesh-led government that had asserted that many Hindus had migrated from Kairana long back and some of them are now dead.


Meanwhile, BSP supremo Mayawati charged BJP with raking up the Kairana exodus issue to divert the attention of people from its defeat in Rajya Sabha and Legislative Council polls in Uttar Pradesh.


"As a part of a planned conspiracy, the Kairana issue was raised within a few hours of the biennial poll outcome and it was projected that Muslims were forcing Hindus to leave UP,” Mayawati said in a press conference. “This was a heinous conspiracy to fan communal passions.”


Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party has set up a seven-member committee consisting of four MPs and three leaders from Uttar Pradesh who would go to Kairana and probe the matter.

News24 Bureau