BJP MP questions government's Kashmir policy

New Delhi: BJP MP R.K. Singh on Friday questioned the union government's Kashmir policy, saying it was "totally wrong" and the current situation in the state should be dealt with firmly. "The current Kashmir strategy of the government is totally wrong. The majority of Kashmiri people want peace while a few are indulging in terror activities. The handling of separatists and some terrorists is not correct. It is wrong," Singh said while raising the matter during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha. "Separatists should be prosecuted and flow of Hawala money should be stopped," Singh, a former Union Home Secretary, added. He said that recently a minister of the state government was attacked by bomb. "Some places in Kashmir have been vacated. Some police outposts have also been vacated. The way things are being handled is not right," he said. Singh has been very critical of his government's Kashmir and Pakistan policies.