BJP Officials have said that they will unveil the real culprit soon

Hukum Singh, a BJP representative (sansad), who has prepared a of people who have shifted from Kerana, said that he is being threatened by BJP Government. Some of these people have said that they might shift back to Kerana once the government situation is better.

Upon preparing the list of 346 people , Hukum Singh declared that these people were forced out of their homes.

However, there could be some discrepencies in the list, as some people whose names were on the list were said to be living in their homes in Kerana. Upon hearing this, BJP decided to take a U-turn and re-evaluate the list.

During a BJP meeting, this topic was brought and it created a stir, with opinions flying back and forth. After which, the government got into damage control and have asked for a proper verification of the list.