BJP's BIG gateway to South opens, Opposition in jittery

New Delhi, May 15: Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi may not have fathomed that his taunt during the Karnataka polls will turn almost true. PM Modi had said that Congress would soon turn into a PPP (Puducherry, Punjab and Parivar), though he conveniently forgot Mizoram. And how true has his words proven, BJP has again demolished yet another Congress citadel. Thus, making a grand gateway to South India.
Sources suggest that BJP's strategy of holding multiple rallies in the states has paid off. BJP has unplugged all stops and was in no mood to take a chance. Modi alone addressed nearly 21 Rallies. All BJP star campaigners were put on job and they did manage to pull big crowds.
''People of Karnataka want good governance, that is why they have chosen BJP. This is a big victory for the party. Congress is losing state after state and we are winning state after state,” Prakash Javadekar, BJP Karnataka in-charge said.

Piyush Goyal was co-in-charge of the BJP in Karnataka. Modi rewarded him with additional responsibility of finance ministry in absence of Arun Jaitley, who underwent a surgery.
It is a different matter all togther if the BJP manages to make the government or not as it has not touched the magical figure of 112, but it certainly has been successful in making a dent in the Congress bastion.

With back to back wins, Modi's electoral promise of Congress-Mukt Bahart is almost there
BJP is on a winning spree and Modi's roar of a 'Congress-Mukt Bharat' what at one point of time appeared impossible is now near completion if things continue to move at present pace.