Bollywood and the Surrogacy Story

On June 27, Tusshar Kapoor became the latest in a line of Bollywood celebrities to have had a child through surrogacy. Unlike his predecessors, Kapoor is a single father, and the birth of his baby boy has stirred some debate on the this new method of parenthood which has now become a full-fledged industry in India. Initially, when surrogacy was first introduced in India, it had come with much biases and discredits. There were apprehensions from traditional, prospective mothers who yearned to carry their own child. Most parents could not bear the costs of surrogacy either. However, commercial surrogacy, largely an unregulated grey area, has been allowed in India since 2002. The Supreme Court (2008) called surrogacy a medical procedure legal in several countries including India. In a country, where Bollywood celebrities are given God-like status and enjoy great fan following, it is only fitting to say that them opting for surrogacy has brought normalcy to the whole procedure. Thanks to these celebs, surrogacy has now garnered a new-found respect in society. Let's take a look at why some celebs opted for surrogacy.

Firstly, the main reason why any couple opts for surrogacy is infertility. Infertility is known as the inability to produce through natural means. Both Shah Rukh Khan and Sohail Khan had previously had children with their respective spouses through natural means. Shah Rukh with Aryan and Suhana and Sohail with his son Nirvaan, all of whom were conceived naturally. However, with Shah Rukh, was it more of a need rather than a want? He confessed that with his older children grown up, him and his wife craved for another child. Not like he wasn't blessed with two, he just decided to spend the 'moolah' and create a third to satisfy his need for another child. Where as regular folk in regular stream of life would be totally content with two children, conceived and birthed naturally. Similary, Tusshar went ahead with this method because he wanted to satisfy his need to father a child, irrespective of being with a woman or not. Therefore Tusshar, Shah Rukh and Gauri bravely went on to remove the “stigma” associated with having a child through surrogacy.

On the flip side, the oldest trick in the book to getting publicity, specially in Bollywood, is a new baby. With tabloid fever increasing more and more in India, the general public has become ever so inquisitive about celebs and their personal lives. Reports have stated that with a fading marriage and a career on the downslide, Gauri decided to lure her man, Shah Rukh, back into the marriage with a surrogate child. Or else Priyanka Chopra had stolen him away, for good. A new baby came in the form of new excitement in the lives of Bollywood's Golden couple. This was the same reason given to tabloids with regards to Sohail and Seema Khan's marriage. Let's face it, we all kept our noses in the papers until news of the much awaited, third Khan baby came out.

Therefore, be it fast cars, lavish bungalos or flashy lifestyles, Bollywood knows how to set the trends and make everything “normal”. Tinseltown has made us realize that everything is possible in their magical world, even if it means buying a womb to fulfill their need or 'want' to procreate.