Bollywood celeb son creates ruckus at airport, badmouths staff

New Delhi, Oct 2: Little did the airline staff know that he will be cursed and abused in public by a celebrity son for doing his duty. This is exactly what happened when at the Raipur airport he stopped singer Udit Narayan's son Aditya Narayan as the weight of his hand luggage was beyond the permissible limit. He was caught on camera abusing and misbehaving with an Indigo staff and threatening him that he will get his underwear down as he did not know the consequences of messing with him. See the video to get the news first hand:

Not long famous singer Alka Yagnik has said, ""Aditya is an adorable host, who has been imitating his father right since his childhood. He came on show donning a moustache like his father's and mimicked his style of singing and mannerisms. But I feel Aditya is way too modest, well-behaved and decent to be Udit ji." 

Is Aditya Narayan listening?