Book outlines roadmap for India-UK ties post-Brexit

New Delhi, July 4  (IANS) A landmark book, featuring  contributions from leading experts on the UK and India relations across  business and politics, was launched at British Council in the national  capital.Published a week after the beginning of the UK's  negotiations in Brussels for exit from the European Union, the book  includes chapters from London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Commonwealth  Enterprise and Investment Council Chair, Jonathan Marland.Titled,  "Winning Partnership: India-UK Relations Beyond Brexit", the book has  been edited by Manoj Ladwa, who also presented a copy of the book to  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday.The book launch event  witnessed a panel of contributors to the book, including Lord Meghnad  Desai, who is Professor Emeritus of the London School of Economics,  British Indian investment banker and businessman Lord Jitesh Gadhia,  Chairperson and Managing Director of The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group  Jyotsna Suri,  OBE,  British Council India Director Alan Gemmell, and  its editor Manoj Ladwa. The panel was moderated by Ashok Malik, Senior  Indian analyst and commentator."We know that we're leaving the  European Union, we know that things will change. I wanted to do  something positive to show how India and Britain can maximise its global  partnership to grow prosperity," Ladwa said in his address.He  said that the UK's relationship with India is one that is predominantly  transactional, but it needs to become transformational."India  and the UK need to understand where the true value comes from the  partnership, and how they can turn this special relationship into a  global relationship, one that changes the world for the better, tackling  significant issues such as security and climate change together," he  added.