Brave DU girl catches smartphone snatcher

New Delhi: An 18-year-old Delhi University student set an example of bravery when she chased down and caught a thief who had snatched her cellphone.

According to a report in a leading agency, Apoorva Chauhan had left home with her cousin around 6.30pm to buy a birthday gift for her mother. They went to a nearby market in east Delhi and stopped outside a general store for a chocolate.

"As I pulled out my phone, a man riding pillion on a bike snatched it while the rider sped ahead towards a busy street. At first I thought it was a prank, but soon realised that I had become a snatching victim," she said.

"Without wasting a moment, I started my scooter and began chasing the duo. They panicked as I yelled at them and hit another scooter crossing their path," Chauhan added.

The snatcher duo fell as did the rider of the other scooter. "They abandoned their vehicle and started running into the narrow lanes. I couldn't have chased down both on foot, so I followed only the snatcher. I was losing breath but I didn't give up. After a couple of minutes, I managed to catch him," Chauhan said.

She thrashed the goon even as a crowd gathered and joined in. However, he had handed over the phone to his partner, who escaped.Then someone called up the police. The goon, a juvenile, was handed over to the police.DCP (east) Omvir Singh appreciated Chauhan's courage and presented her with a commendation certificate and a cash award."Even though she didn't get back her phone, I'm glad she followed her instincts and helped the police nab a criminal. I'm proud of her," said Chauhan's father.