Brazil to increase security at airports for Olympics

Rio de Janeiro: Brazil's Minister of Civil Aviation Mauricio Quintella has said that security will be boosted at airports for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after bombing attacks in Turkey on Tuesday. The minister said on Wednesday that security would be particularly increased in areas open to the public, since both airport attacks happened in such areas, Xinhua news agency reported. "What happened yesterday (in Turkey) was a warning and the ministry is meeting to reinforce the attention being paid to these areas," said Quintella at an event in Rio de Janeiro, to launch an operations guide for Brazilian airports during the Games. Quintella reiterated that all security forces in the country were working to avoid a terrorist attack and that "all the branches of our military are already operating together." He added that Rio de Janeiro's international airport had received a lot of attention as the main gateway to the Games. "We will work for the airport to remain free and with no risk of obstruction. We will not let any type of protest try and shut it down," added Quintella.