Breakdown of PeeCee's Winter Wardrobe 2018

PeeCee is currently the reigning queen of the East and the West. This ‘desi girl’ is probably the most successful actress of Bollywood in the West and her fan following increases with each passing day.


On days when she isn’t taking us on a virtual tour of her life in NYC, she’s busy making some stylish appearances that are hard to miss.


Here are three style inspirations from her winter 2018 wardrobe: 


* For the first one, it's a sweater dress. Its a great length to pair with thigh-high boots. Royal Blue never gets out of fashion. Great for family-get together's or a girls's night out. 


* The second outfit is a short dress (again royal blue) with a trench-coat. The trench-coat is perfect and its great to protect yourself from the chilly winters and the length also compliments the short dress without overlapping it in style. Its perfect with your louboutin or aldo shoes! 


* The third outfit, is super retro-chic and super stylish. The Biker jacket compliments the ripped denims and the polo-neck shirt. The red boots are a great differing yet complimenting element of the outfit.