Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Style

The British Monarchy seemed severely abnormal (with their stern faces and their skeletal waving styles) until lady Diana came along. She danced with the stars at the balls without worries, ran across to hug her children at airports and dressed like the girl next door. Kate Middleton took it a step further, she actually is more relatable because she is a commoner! 


Kate Middleton is preggo with her third baby. Each time she falls pregnant, she makes news with her severe morning sickness. However, it doesn't matter how ill she is, her flawless fashion-meter remains intact! She is just very polished. She religiously clings to her signature beige, blue, black and grey pumps (also stilletoes for the evenings)! 


Let's break down her Pregnancy Style: 



* The Long Jackets: Slick, suave and a great attire to protect her from the weather changes








* The Knee-Length, well cut, Flowy Dresses to give her an ease in moving around! 






* The Long, A-line Gowns that flatter her growing curves well!