India to starve Pak for water, may withdraw MFN status

New Delhi: The Modi government is considering withdrawal of Most Favoured Nation (MFN) from Pakistan following the Uri attack, sources said. The government also hinted that India may stop Indus water to Pakistan.    

In a bid to teach Pakistan a lesson, India is planning to hit Pakistan's trade by withdrawing the MFN status. This, officials believe, may worsen the economic crisis in Pakistan.    

Modi government is also planning to turn the screws on Pakistan by stopping Indus water that Pakistan gets under the Indus Waters Treaty. "For any such treaty to work, its imp that there must be mutual trust and cooperation, can't be a one-sided affair," MEA Spokesperson Vikas Swarup said. 

Swarup clarified that there was no move to cut diplomatic ties with Pakistan. However, Swarup refused to give a direct answer when asked about PM's participation in the SAARC Summit in Pakistan. "Every question doesn't have a yes or no answer," Swarup said.
The MEA spokesperson claimed that India has been successful in isolating Pakistan at the global level.  

He said, "The onus is now squarely on Pakistan to act against terror groups, who find safe havens in Pak".

Swarup hoped that the US lawmakers' bill to declare Pakistan a terrorist state will be considered seriously in the United States.