Breaking: Pak Terror Camps targeted by US drones

New Delhi, Jan 24: In a big breaking news US has decimated the Pakistan Teror camps. There has been a drone attack on Pakistan terror camps. This is a very shamful moment for Pakistan as it has denied all this while that any sort of terror activities ever existed in its soil. 

All along India has pointed out that Pakistan is taming and nurturing terror activities and Pakistan has been vehemently denying this. The drone attacks on pakistan is a prrof that Pakistan has been involved in nefarious terror activities.

According to Agency repots a suspected U.S. drone attack on a house in northwestern Pakistan killed two militants from the Afghan Taliban-allied Haqqani network, two Pakistani security officials said on Wednesday.

Two missiles hit a house and killed militants Ahsan Khorai and Nasir Mehmood in the village of Dapa Mamozai in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), according to a police officer and an intelligence official.

“Two militants from Haqqani network were killed in the drone attack,” the intelligence official based in the area said.

News24Bureau (FILE PIC)