Breaking stereotypes at 60, Suhasini-Atul youngest couple at heart

New Delhi, Oct 7: What  is attractive about Suhasini Mule and Atul  Gurtu is the fact that they have broken the age stereotype related to marriage, which is seen as one of the most important events in one’s life in India, as traditionally it is seen as one in a lifetime experience. They broke the stereotype that one could enter into wedlock at an age when marriages become monotonous and boring. They demaned their share of happiness from life and started life afresh at 60.

You need to marry at the right age,  goes the traditional mindset, as the biological clock just ticks away, and you are supposed to do many things once you tie the nuptial knot, indulge in sex…produce babies.

And Suhasini Muley, the traditional on-screen mother in blockbusters like Lagaan and  Dil Chahta Hai and a national award for Hu Tu Tu Tu, was ready to break all age-old traditions and taboos when she decided to get married at 61. Not 16!

A rebel at heart since her early years, who came from a family which allowed her to break shackles, breath free and spread her wings, marriage was never on the itinerary. As the elegant looking Mule says, “Mariage was never my cup of tea as I had seen most marriages fall apart or stuck in a rut.”

But destiny had something else in store for her.

She broke the stereotype in two ways:  She decided to get married at 61 and she found her partner through internet.  A true ultra modern to the core.

While browsing through her Facebook  posts, which she had joined initially to find work,  she stuck to name in ‘You May Know Section’.  Alok Gurtu, a 65-year-old particle physicist, who was a part of the team working on the Large Hadron Collidera.

 Since his work attracted her she just sent a message, to which he responded.

And then began a series of interactions and meetings, all very casual.

Dr Gurtu had lost his wife a couple of years back and Mulay could sense that his expectations were soaring.

Very quietly Dr Gurtu sent her an article he had written about losing his wife to cancer. In her own words , " He had written this article about how he discovered she had cancer. After the initial period of depression, rather than sitting and crying over it, he decided to make her as happy as he could. So, for the next 4-5 years they did everything they ever wanted to do. Learning this hooked me to him."

Next was a predictable step of making him meet her parents who were shocked. Why did they want to marry at this age? Why the hell?

And the response that Dr Gurtu gave touched the innermost cockles of Suhasini’s heart. He told her mother, very logically why he wanted to marry her. He said that at this age both myself and Suhasini can live alone but if we have a chance of happiness, why not give it a try.

It was a very simple Arya Samaj wedding and the couple is enjoying and revels in their married life. Touchwood!

Pancham Saude