Breaking:Chinese army enters Uttarakhand

New Delhi: In a mjor news breaking in the nefarious designs of Chinese Army has come to light. According to the media reports the Chinese army had entered Barahoti in Chamobli distrct on 25th July 2017. China has betrayed India's trust by not respecting its sovereignty. 

After Doklam China now enters Uttarakhand. Why is China provoking India again and again.  Are Chinese getting aggressive by each passing day? Why else has it provoked India after the Doklam standoff?

The scale of the intrusion is still to be gauged. Sources say that the Chinese had entered at least 800 meters to one kiolmeter into the Indian territory. 

The latest string of events, id stiched together, presents a scary build up to the India-China War. The Doklam stanoff is maintaing status quo as neither side is ready to give up.