Brutal! IS member executes his mother publicly in Syria

New Delhi: It’s no denying the fact that Islamic State are brutal, however, the IS member in Syrian city of  Al-Raqqah took it to a whole-different level. The terrorist publicly executed his own mother on Thursday for encouraging him to leave the terror outfit, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported today.


The woman in her forties, hailing from the city of al-Tabaqa, had warned her son that a US-backed alliance would wipe out the Islamic State. She requested him to escape along with her to the outside of al-Raqqah.


However, her son was not moved by the emotions of a mother and instead on to inform the extremist group of her comments, the Britain-based Observatory, which documents human rights abuses in the Syrian Civil War, reported.

The 20-year old man then executed his mother in front of hundreds of citizens from the city, near the post office building in the city of Al-Raqqah where she was employed, activists of the Observatory confirmed.


In past 18 months, the terror outfit ISIS has executed more than 2,000 civilians in Syria, the Observatory noted on December 29.


By: Mayank Mohanti