Bryan Cranston to star in 'Power Rangers' reboot

Los Angeles" "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston will play Zordon in the upcoming "Power Rangers" reboot. The actor has previously voiced several villains on the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" TV series.  "Excited to play Zordon in the 'Power Rangers' movie! T or F: Blue Ranger Billy Cranston was named after what actor," Cranston wrote on Twiter, referring to the fictional character William "Billy" Cranston aka the Blue Ranger whose last name came from the actor's name, reports  An official teaser poster for the "Power Rangers" reboot, starring Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott, Becky G, Ludi Lin and Elizabeth Banks, will be released on Wednesday. The movie will release in US theaters on March 24, 2017.