Bubbly Preity crossed boundaries and seven seas to find her ‘Good Enough’ Man!

New Delhi Oct 7:  Always the apple of everyone's eye, Preity Zinta is fondly known for her extremely cute dimples and acting skills in Indian film industry. This bubbly girl made an incredible mark and it was in no time that she proved her versatility by making her debut in 'Dil Se'.. in 1998 followed by a role in 'Soldier' in the same year. What really took her fans by surprise was her secretive yet beautiful relationship with her lover, Gene Goodenough. Preity has undoubtedly complimented her relationship with her strong yet alluring persona and handling it in the most awesome way since years now.

The buzz about her relationship never really came in limelight, however, her sweet quick visits to Los Angeles dropped the hint of her having a love connection with someone. Well, it wasn't very long till everyone witnessed a sudden glow on Preity because she had finally found the true love of her life. A revel in the glow of this sublime feeling and Preity grew prettier thereafter.

As an actor, social activist, a television presenter and stage performer, Preity have been always appreciated for her honesty and boldness when it comes to expressing her opinions. Her screen persona has been credited with contributing to the Hindi film industry and indeed, has made her win various accolades. 

Having a rough patch in her past relationships, Preity decided to keep her current affair under the wraps. Little did anyone know that Preity would get married to Gene Goodenough. Her ugly tiff and break up with Ness Wadia had triggered endless controversies which publicly traumatized her and her career. This is why the 'Koi Mil Gaya' actress, wanted to save her affair from the evil eyes. She had grown superstitious.

It wasn't very long ago when Preity revealed very little about her love story with Gene Goodenough. It was over a Facebook Live that the actress spilled the beans and said “I met him in Santa Monica in Los Angeles about six years ago. Then we dated for five years and we finally got married.” Of course, funny as always, Preity jokingly added, “I am not going to tell you the details.”

With many speculations, Preity Zinta tied the knot with her longtime-beau, Gene Goodenough on February 28, 2016, and the love was in the air in very little time.

The two beautifully had their Hindu wedding ceremony in Los Angeles with a private gathering of family and very close friends. The alluring photos of the two had flourished the internet and one could only dream of having a marriage like that!

By Trisha Malhotra