B'wood superstar Aamir turns 53; Top 10 pictures with family

New Delhi, March 14: Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan turned 53 years old today and his career in the Bollywood industry is absolutely perfect. Aamir is in a happy world with wife Kiran Rao and son Azad Rao Khan. Amir Khan is also equally loving to his children Ira and Junaid from his ex-wife Reena Dutta. Amir is still an important part of his ex-wife Reena's life even though they have been divorced. 

Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta may have ended their 16-year-long marriage in 2002, but it was no way a bitter separation for both of them. Reena is still a very crucial part of the Aamir Khan family's celebrations. Aamir once said about his ex-wife, "Reena is extremely important and is very much a part of the family and she will always be... From legal point of view we are divorced but I think the bond that we share is not going to break with a piece of paper."

The love between Aamir and Reena was so strong that the actor had once reportedly written her a letter with his blood. Their relationship between Aamir and Reena began when they were neighbours and frequently used to stare at each other for several hours. When Aamir somehow mustered up the courage to confess his love to Reena, he got disappointment in return. Scared Reena turned him down. 

But Aamir tried to convince Reena several times despite her no. When Aamir thought there was no hope, Reena confessed her love for him and said she feels the same for him. 

Finally, Aamir and Reena got married on April 18th, 1986 against the wishes of their family. Their family did not approve the idea of the two getting married. In the meantime, Reena became quite close to Aamir's family and the couple was blessed with two kids together, Junaid and Ira.

In the year, 2001, problems began surfacing between the marital life of Aamir and Reena. Both of them cited  temperamental differences when they got divorced in the year 2002 on mutual consent. 

Reena got the custody of their children, Junaid and Ira. Aamir was allowed to meet his children thrice a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 6 pm to 8 pm. He also got the right to meet his kids on alternate weekends every month, from Friday 7 pm till Sunday 6 pm.

Aamir slipped into depression after divorce for three years. On December 28 2005, Amir married Kiran Rao from whom Aamir has a son named Azad. When Aamir divorced with Reena, he went on to say, "‘Probably the most traumatic period has been my divorce -- not just for me but for everybody involved, I imagine. I can't think of any other significant low." 

Aamir and Kiran met during the shooting of Lagaan where, Kiran was a assistant director of the film. Kiran is a pure vegetarian, and she managed to influenced Aamir as well to turn him vegetarian.

Before getting married, the couple were reportedly in a in-live relationship. Kiran was allegedly heard saying this about their love story, “We connected on the set of Lagaan and again on an ad commercial that he was doing with Ashutosh Gowariker that I was assisting on. We hung out a lot together and became 2 am friends. We started seeing each other in 2004…. We like each other’s company and our friendship is still the basis of our relationship. I moved in with him and neither of us was hung up on marriage. After a year of living together, we decided to get married for two reasons.”