Canadian Prime Minister marches in Toronto Pride parade

Toronto: Canada's largest Pride parade in Toronto marked another milestone on Sunday as a sitting Prime Minister marched for the first time in a colourful celebration that also paid tribute to Orlando victims in last month's shooting massacre in the US. "We have to speak up anytime there is intolerance or discrimination," Xinhua quoted Justin Trudeau as saying at the 36th annual parade in downtown Toronto. Members of the crowd, some decked out in rainbow gear and outlandish costumes, posed for selfies with the Prime Minister while others chanted his name as he passed by. But Trudeau downplayed his appearance at the parade as no big deal, noting he had been attending Pride parades for years.  "It should not be a big thing that the prime minister is walking in the Pride Parade and from now on, it will not." The prime minister said the Orlando tragedy was a reminder that "we cannot let hate go by."