Casillas: Coach Aragones was like a grandfather to us

Paris: Spain football great Iker Casillas recalled on Sunday memories from Euro 2008 under former chief coach Luis Aragones, who led the national team to the European trophy. Casillas said that Aragones was the person Spain needed the most during that time and was like a grandfather to the group. In an interview with French newspaper L'Equipe, Casillas said: "He was more than just a coach; he was very funny and had a sense of humour. Sometimes it was hard for him to pronounce names, which was amusing to some of us. He eased the tension and relaxed us." The veteran goalkeeper added that the most exciting moment in this championship when he received the Euro trophy from French legend and then UEFA chief Michel Platini, reports Efe The Spaniard also said that he feels a shiver every time he remembers the goal of Fernando Torres in the final against Germany; a memory that he wants to "keep forever".