Castro survived 600 assassination attempts, here are 5 bizarre ways the CIA tried to kill him

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro was a legendary survivor — besting what Cuban officials say were more than 600 attempts to kill him.

"If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal," Castro is believed to have said this.

In February of 1959, Fidel Castro became the Prime Minister of Cuba. Since then, according to the man who was charged with protecting him for most of his regime, he's survived over 600 assassination attempts.

In addition to the famous 'Bay of Pigs' when the CIA failed to force a counter-revolution, there have also been several attempts to assassinate Castro.

Some of the most bizarre ones included adding toxins to one of the cigars with which he was regularly photographed (because, the tobacco and smoke inhalation was not already poison?).

Other CIA schemes included a plan to make his beard fall out (and in doing so destroy his popularity).

In 1975, the Senate Intelligence Committee claimed it had "concrete evidence" of a plan to offer Castro a wetsuit lined with spores and bacteria that would give him a skin disease (and maybe worse). The plan supposedly involved American lawyer James B. Donovan, who would present Castro with the suit when he went to negotiate the release of the Bay of Pigs prisoners. A 1975, AP report said the plan was abandoned, "Because Donovan gave Castro a different diving suit on his own initiative."

In an odd coincidence, on the day that John F Kennedy was assassinated, a poison pen was given to a would be Castro assassin by the CIA.

A former lover of Castro was also involved in a plot to poison him, but the pills reportedly melted in the cold cream jar she used as their hiding place.

In Panama in the year 2000, 90kg worth of explosives were placed under a podium at which Castro was due to speak. The plot was foiled by his security detail.