CBI probe sought into attack on BJP leader

Ghaziabad: Union minister V.K. Singh on Monday demanded a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the attempted assassination of BJP leader Brijpal Teotia. "The case should be transferred to the CBI for fair investigation so that no doubt remains regarding the probe," the Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former Indian Army chief told IANS. BJP spokesperson Rajeev Aggrawal said Gen Singh's statement had raised serious doubts about the investigation conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Police.  Commenting on police claims that the case had been almost resolved, Aggrawal said the police appeared to be acting under pressure from the state government.  "Such a big conspiracy cannot be resolved in such haste." Gen Singh told IANS on telephone: "To eradicate every doubt, the case should go to the CBI." Ghaziabad Senior Superintendent of Police K.S. Emmaneul told IANS that the investigation into the August 11 attack on Teotia was going on in the right direction.  "Till now we have screened about 20 persons. The investigation indicates the attack was made due to personal enmity. It might be a property related dispute," said the officer. Teotia was fired at in Murad Nagar in Ghaziabad when he was returning to his residence. The gunmen used AK-47 and 9 mm calibre pistols and fired over a hundred shots.  Teotia sustained six gunshot injuries along with six others who were with him in the vehicle. But he survived the attack.