CBI vs CBI: 4 persons held outside the residence of Alok Verma, being questioned

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Oct 25: Now CBI director Alok Verma, who is sent on leave says that Intelligence Bureau is spying on him. 

 Four people seen outside the residence of  Alok Verma, Central Bureau of Investigation director sent on leave, are being questioned by Delhi Police.

They were taken inside the house by the guards of Alok Verma. The police were called in and after initial investigations it was found that they were from the Intelligence Department and they  were carrying their I-Cards also.

Verma says that the Intelligence Bureau is keeping an eye on him and this does come as a shocking news. 

Congress has reacted on this. Congress spokesperson Randeep has tweeted :

"After making CBI as ‘Central Burial of Investigation’, Modi Govt now stoops to a ‘new low’  - Snooping on ‘forcibly removed’ CBI Director through IB. Let everyone be forewarned - IB is heading the CBI way!"

CBI vs CBI mud-slinging will certainly go down in the history of Indian Democracy as one of the darkest days when the country's premier investigation agency is shrouded in controversy with its two top officials indulging in slug-fest and hurling accusations of corruption at each other. Central Bureau of Investigation is the premier investigating agency of the country which takes up the most sensitive and difficult cases including that of corruption. Ironical, isn't it; that the agency which untangles knotty issues of corruption itself is embroiled in charges of corruption.In a dramatic midnight action, the government on Wednesday divested CBI chief Alok Verma of his charge and Joint Director M. Nageshwar Rao was asked to take over.Former Assistant Director of CBI, N S Kharayat has said that the central government should take the issue very seriously."The CBI is directly under the Prime Minister. This incident is unparalleled in the history of the CBI. This is very unfortunate that one special director of the CBI is facing corruption charges."The CBI is such a reputed agency and it is the duty of CBI officials to maintain its dignity and image I am shocked that the government has not woken up yet," Kharatyat told ANI.