CBSE Maths paper: 11,000 Students sign petition for lenient evaluation

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) Class 12 Mathematics exam on Monday left students in tears, with a large portion of them guaranteeing they could have attempted the entire paper on time if it wasn't lengthy and tough. Students found it difficult to solve the majority of the questions. The grief-stricken students along with their parents have begun signing a petition on requesting the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) to show leniency in evaluating the Mathematics paper. The strongest petition is the one with 11,000 signatures. It was started by a Guwahati-based student, Joyraj Kalita. It was followed by other petitions initiated by students from Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru. “CBSE has broken the dreams of several students by setting a paper which was meant for IIT aspirants. This year CBSE Maths Paper was tough as well as long and has made several students cry. CBSE should come out with a statement immediately to take care of their mental agony which will help them to concentrate on their next exam,” said the Guwahati petition. 'Within 48 hours of the examination, students and parents from across the country have started and supported more than 100 petitions on the technology platform' as stated by The students are perturbed about their result that may shatter their dreams. It became a point of debate for many protesters who were demanding a re-examination. Later, the parliament also took up this issue, throwing a light on the seriousness of the subject. 

News 24 Bureau