Celebrity Homes Feature: John Abraham

The man with the steel exterior and gentle attitude, topped with the Dimpled-smile, makes him a deadly combo. His home is just him, objectified! 


Let's break-down the reasons why we should live like him: 


* The entire home is done up by his father and brother (all in the family). Always choose a designer that is acquainted with you so they can realise your likes and dislikes. It is infused with luxury, warmth and tranquility. 


* The colours he's chosen are very subtle - tones of skin, ash/grey and silver. There isn't a splash of colour anywhere, to distract you. It gives his home a feel of continuity. 


* The spotlights. Again a very subtle feature on the eyes. The heavy chandeliers or the big light fixtures can be quite overbearing and these spotlights can be dimmed or heightened in level according to the vibe you want to create. 


* The wooden flooring, my personal weakness (right after chocolate). It gives your home an earthy and natural feel. It isn't very hard to maintain either. It just brings you close to nature. The wooden ceilings is reminiscent of your childhood days when you would try to climb trees at your grandma's house. 


* The floor to ceiling windows. Again brings you super-close to nature. Lots of natural lighting can also be less mean on your electricity bills.  Also, isn't very hard to maintain. 


* Lots of open spaces, no dividers or doors, again giving you a feel of openness and vastness. 


* Overall, a great way to incorporate natural factors into his home when we're so fixated with artificial materials bringing the entire world into our home. His home reflects just his personality. Which is how it should be. Or else it wouldn't be Your home! You need to sleep and be yourself in your home.