Celebrity Homes Feature: The Luxurious Home of Chetan and Roohi Jaikishan


On the first floor of Noor Mansion is Chetan and Roohi Jaikishan’s 4,500-square-foot home—a spanking, minimalist-maximalist apartment the couple moved into a few years ago.

Designed by the famous Nozer Wadia—one of India’s best—the apartment is built around some stellar original components: stained-glass windows, decorative ceiling mouldings, Burma teak rafters and classic Oak-wood shelves.

There's a very fine line between being an art collector/curator and a hoarder. The distinction is quality rather than quantity. 

Nonetheless, people that collect art are unique -- and the artists that collect are an even more specific bunch. Unlike the philatelists (those that study and commonly collect stamps) and the coin enthusiasts of the world, collecting art is at a slower pace and less frantic. They are also extremely personal and are subjective to your own standards of living. 

Roohi and Chetan, avid curators, have given their home in India a breezy, chilly, New-York vibe! 

Here's a look at some factors of their home that has set the standard in comfort and luxury: 

* Firstly, the dim to midnight blue color pallette. As per colour experts, it purifies your thinking, so you can cut through the clutter and discover what is most important in your life. It helps you integrate the big picture with the little picture. Blue also has the tendency to dissolve tension and promotes tranquillity. Light blue especially brings ease into the home and harmony into relationships. Wearing or surrounding yourself with it helps calm aggressive tendencies and eliminates discord. Its great for entertaining also as it tends to down-play the different moods of the house. 

* Secondly, incorporating antiques for certain corners of your home. You can fill up these empty corners with decorative accents to blend or weave your furnishings together. For example, you can place shabby chic decorative accent pieces on your antique and modern furnishings pieces alike. Likewise, you can incorporate antique accents on top of modern furnishings to further blend the elements beautifully. Be sure to use a unifying color scheme throughout the room. You might be surprised that these little accents can bring your room together and make it harmonious. 


* Thirdly, incorporating antique furniture. Take up your antique (worn out) ottomans and seaters and refurbish them to great timeless style. Hire a professional if you are too protective of your antiques.  Your professional may be able to color match the stain or paint color used so that the pieces blend together more impressively. In some cases, this can bring charm to the pieces. This will also bring a feel of continuity, fluidity and cohesiveness to your rooms. 


* Lastly, the incorporation of hard materials such as teak and wood: Its a great way to bring the splendor and grandoir of the tropics to your home. This hardwood recognized as the national tree of the Philippines, in its green, yellow and reddish accents is constructed into doors, window frames. antique tables, bookshelves and both indoor and outdoor furniture. As it ages and matures in its processed state it will often be rendered to bearing a silver-grey surface. timeless and irreplaceable look. So long as it’s sustainably sourced, boy oh boy, wood is good.