Celebrity panda Tai Shan takes first step toward fatherhood

Beijing: Tai Shan, 11, a celebrity panda born and raised in the US, on Friday attempted mating for the first time since his return to China in 2010. He mated with Wen Yu, two years younger to him, on Friday at the Ya'an base of the Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda in southwestern Sichuan Province, reports Xinhua. Observers said Tai Shan performed excellently in the 2.6-minute mating after nearly 90 minutes of "affective interaction" with his partner. Tai Shan had suffered digestive problems since returning from the US. He was put onto the centre's reproduction plan this year after recovery. Tai Shan, born at Washington's National Zoo to "Mei Xiang" and "Tian Tian", was a superstar during his five-year stay in the US.