Chhath is not just limited to Hindus, spectacular song by Kalpana Patowary

New Delhi, 23 October: Chhath is an ancient Hindu Vedic festival celebrated widely in the native of Bihar-Jharkhand and Eastern Uttar Pradesh of India and the Madhesh of Nepal. The Chhath Puja is devoted to the Sun and his wife Usha in order to thank them for offering the bounties of life on earth and to request the granting of certain wishes. 

Chhath which falls 26 October this year and on this occasion, Kalpana Patowary,  an Indian playback and folk singer from Assam has come with an amazing song which represents how Chhath is celebrated.

The concept of the song is given by Shruti Anindita Verma, directed by Amitabh S Verma, sung by Kalpana Patowary, the music of the song has been given by Nirmalaya Dey and lyrics written by RR Pankaj. 


By this song, the singer gives us a message that Chhath is not just bounded to Hindu community but it is celebrated among all religions in Bihar and Chhath Maiya listens to every woman and this one of the unique festivals of India when every people from different community and caste come together and celebrate Chhath Puja.