China asks its police to prevent 'coloured revolutions'

Beijing, Jan 19:
The Chinese police must remain alert to any uprisings and defend the political stability of the country, the country's top security official has said.

The extremely paranoid Chinese government represses any form of dissent which, according to it, can turn into a movement. The authorities have an iron fist policy in quelling protests.

China's Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi on Thursday said that the police must "prevent coloured revolutions", a term used for popular uprisings in some countries in early 2000.

Kezhi asked the police to protect China's political security and the leadership of the ruling Communist Party. His remarks were posted on the website of the Ministry of Public Security.

The minister also said the police must guard against infiltration and any subversive activities by foreign forces in the country.

Under the all-powerful Chinese President Xi Jinping, the room for any debate has become narrower.

China's domestic security budgets outweigh its military budget. After mass self-immolations in Tibet and riots in Xinjiang, the government has become warier of any incidents.

Beijing has detained about 1 million Uighur Muslims at internment camps in Xinjiang in the name of "de-radicalization". 


Image Courtesy: Google Image