China concerned over Indian steps against steel products

Beijing: China is highly concerned with Indian trade remedy measures against Chinese steel products, the Ministry of Commerce said on Monday. The Indian government has launched an anti-dumping investigation into colour-coated steel sheets imported from China, Xinhua news agency reported.  It is the fifth such probe against China from India this year, the highest record among WTO members, according to a statement on the ministry's website. The global steel industry was experiencing difficulties due to sluggish economic growth and weak demand, but abuse of trade remedy measures would not help resolve industrial overcapacity but hamper normal trade, the statement said. China and India have broad room for cooperation in the industry, the ministry said, adding it hoped the two countries can seek common development through trade, investment and technological cooperation and properly handle trade frictions. The ministry said it hoped the Indian government could conduct a fair and transparent investigation in line with WTO rules and refrain from trade remedy measures.