China documentary exposes US' double standards on human rights

Beijing  The state-run China Central Television aired a documentary that revealed the US' double standards on human rights-related issues, the media reported on Monday. Based on extensive media reports both inside and outside the US and interviews of many human rights experts from China, the US, France, Canada, Russia and Switzerland, the 45-minute TV programme aired on Sunday revealed Washington trampling on American people's human rights in all walks of life, the People's Daily reported. In 2015, more than 560,000 people across the US were homeless, 25 percent of whom were under-age; the country's primary women's prison Lowell Correctional Institution, where 2,696 convicts are held, is rampant with corruption, torture of prisoners, and sexual abuse; women are subject to sexual harassment and sexual assaults of different forms, and career women are subject to discrimination at work, the documentary showed citing media reports. Of teenagers aged 15 and above who succumb to injuries in the US, one quarter die in shooting incidents; the Federal Bureau of Investigation forces internet companies to provide clients' information without a court approval, according to the documentary. The US has been using double standards on practically every human rights-related issue, which is showcased both by its invasion of citizens' privacy through online surveillance and civilian deaths caused by its drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries, it showed. For a very long time, the US has been quite condescending, with the belief that it has the best system and human rights record, and as a result, it tends to find fault with other countries, Ji Hong, researcher with the Institute of American Studies under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in the documentary.