China pricks India again..Kashmir a global issue, can mediate

   Beijing: China on Wednesday said it  was ready to play a "constructive role" in improving India-Pakistan ties  over Kashmir, where the "situation has attracted the attention of the  international community".
Beijing, which said conflict along the  Line of Control (LoC) was not conducive to the South Asia region,  however did not say anything on Monday's terror attack on Amaranth Yatra  pilgrims in Kashmir.
"Situation in Kashmir has attracted a lot  of attention (of the) international community," Foreign Ministry  spokesperson Geng Shuang said here.

"The conflict near the Line  of Control (LoC) of Kashmir will not only harm the peace and stability  of both the countries but also the peace and tranquillity of the  region," he added.

"China is willing to play a constructive role in improving relations between India and Pakistan."

"We  hope that relevant sides can do more things that are conducive to peace  and stability in the region and avoid escalating the tensions."

China has publicly maintained neutrality over the Kashmir issue and talked about its "constructive role" earlier too.

However,  the state-run media and Chinese think tank experts have suggested that  Beijing could help its ally Pakistan in disputes with India over  Kashmir.

This week a Chinese expert said the way India was  helping Bhutan in Doklam, China too can help Pakistan by sending its  army in Kashmir.

Indian and Chinese troops have been engaged in a  stand-off in Doklam in Sikkim sector which has led to rise in tensions  between both sides.