China takes 'panga' with Indian leaders but tries to woo Indian public

New Delhi: In a rather different and unprecedented public diplomacy gesture the Chinese Embassy has released a video by its political counselor Li Ya where he is seen giving clarifications and setting pre conditions on the present China-India stand-off at Doklam.

The video, 3 minutes and 29 seconds long, was uploaded late Wednesday night and is the first post on the YouTube account of “Chinese embassy press”.

He said, "India crossed delimited boundary into othr country’s territory in name of security concerns,whch won't be acceptble to sovereign state." He goes on to add, "As far as solution is concerned Indian troops must pull back to Indian side of the boundary unconditionally and immediately .This is the precondition for any meaningful dialogue between China and India."

On the very outset Li Ya tries to show concern saying,  “Some Indian friends are deeply worried at face-off between Chinese and Indian border troops at Doklam. I have been to China-India and China-Bhutan border areas many times and have first-hand knowledge about Doklam in that sense, I would like to share my perception on the current situation in Doklam.”

This gesture of  Chinese diplomacy directly addressing the Indian audience is weird and not very usual.

The video was released after China announced that it will not open doors  for the Indian pilgrims wanting undertake the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra through the Nathula Pass in China. Though China has acknowledged that this was an important gesture and “important part of China-India people-to-people and cultural exchanges”.