China to build 25,000 public toilets to boost tourism

Beijing, March 14: China is set to build 25,000 new public toilets in 2016, as problems with public lavatories have become a major drawback in the country's tourism industry, the media reported on Monday. The announcement was made by Li Jinzao, director of China National Tourism Administration during the third plenary meeting of the fourth session of China's 12th National People's Congress on Sunday, People's Daily reported. In a “toilet revolution” launched in 2015, China has constructed and renovated over 22,000 public toilets, but they are unevenly scattered, poorly managed and in low quality.  According to Li, the “toilet revolution” will continue in order to solve problems with public toilets in three years. “The new toilets will cover inside and outside of the tourist attractions in both urban and rural areas,” Li added.