Chinese troops can reach Delhi in 48 hours, but Twitterati scares China !

New Delhi: This seems to be the biggest joke of 2017. A Chinese state TV channel on has proudly claimed that China’s motorised troops can reach Delhi in just 48 hours. This is not the first ridiculous statement to come from the overa ambitious neighbour, but it is logically insane to say the least. The terrain and indian troops at the border make this an impossible task.

The Indian Twitterati has not taken the statement kindly, or seriously. The news spread like a wild fire, so did the jokes on China. Of late, China has blocked two major indian initiatives- one to enter Nuclear Supplier's Group and the second to get Masud Azhar designated a global superpower. Undoubletdly, China is a super power and flexing its muscle to the challenege even the US. but, Indian twiterrati remain undeterred.  


Indian security experts have said that it was impossible for the Chinese motorised troops to infiltrate the mountainous terrain and come inside.