Chris Pine admires Ryan Gosling's career moves

Los Angeles:  Hollywood star Chris Pine looks up to actor Ryan Gosling and would like to be a "smart operator" like him.

Asked whose career choices he would like to emulate, Gosling told Heat magazine: "I think Ryan Gosling. He's got a very intelligent handle on his position in the industry.

"He's got a very strong presence in arthouse cinema, but keeps his feet on both sides of the ledge and that's something I admire. He's a very smart operator."

Pine also shared that his good looks have sometimes hindered his career. He shared how he has had to work hard to land gritty roles since directors were not convinced his features were right for the parts he wanted, reports

"I don't think I've ever struggled with this horrible burden but yeah, I've had to work beyond how I'm perceived, physically. And sometimes I've had to convince directors and casting guys that I'm right for the part. When I did 'Smokin' Aces', it called for this redneck hillbilly with tattoos and I really wanted the role.

"But at the time, the director, Joe Carnahan, didn't think I was right and didn't have that rabid fire. I had to really convince him I could do it, just to give me that chance. It's liberating not to have looks as a factor. I'm not a model. My looks shouldn't come into it. It's such an odd part of the job."