Colombia gears up for Copa America debut

Bogota: Colombia's national soccer team participated in the last training session ahead of their Copa America opening match. The main focus of the session held at Avaya Training Field in Santa Clara on Thursday, was to find a balance in their game, according to head coach Jose Nestor Pekerman, Xinhua news agency reported. In a press conference held in Fremont, where the Colombian team is based, defender Cristian Zapata said the US team has a very powerful attack, which will force Colombia's defence to constantly be on the move to try to neutralize them. Pekerman has asked the Colombian players to work hard on their tactical strategy, opening up the game more down the wings while at the same time keeping the line of defence closed.  The 2016 Copa America will take place in the US from June 3-26. Colombia will face the US at Levis Stadium, in Santa Clara, California, in the Group A opener.  Group A also includes Paraguay and Costa Rica.