Colour Bomb- A New trend in Holi

Holi, undoubtedly is one of the festival which is celebrated with full energy and joy all around the world. It is the festival of colours which brings happiness and delight in the life of people. Holi is said to be one of the most popular festival among people as this festival brings everyone together and spread love and joy. The festival also celebrates the arrival of spring, the season of joy and happiness.

As Holi is said to be incomplete without water, colours, balloons, songs and especially Gujiya, it is rather not complete without Colour Bombs too.

Colour Bombs are really trending in today's time. These are the kind of bombs which are filled with colour inside and when you light them up the colour gets flared /spreads out in the air which creates a colourful ambiance. The bomb not only makes a loud sound but spreads the colour too. This time the festival of Holi will be totally different as with the dry colours and water, colour bombs will also play an essential role which will make the festival more colourful and beautiful.