Complaint against Suriya for 'assaulting' youth

Chennai: A Community Service Register (CSR) complaint has been filed against Tamil actor Suriya for allegedly assaulting a 21-year old, Prem, here on Monday, the police said. Suriya is said to have intervened in an accident that was caused by Prem, and it involved a woman. The actor allegedly slapped the former. In his complaint, Prem said that the "Singam" star assaulted him for no reason. "My friend and I were going to play football. We were going on my bike and the lady who was going ahead of us in her car applied sudden brakes and in an attempt to stop my bike, I rammed into the rear end of her car. Suriya, who happened to pass by that way, intervened and assaulted me," Prem said in his complaint. Prem rued that Suriya didn't try to find out what exactly had happened. "We were requesting the woman to compensate for the damaged bike, because there was no fault of ours in the accident. Suriya assumed that we were harassing the woman and decided to slap me on the face," he said. Suriya's manager, however, denied the allegation. "Suriya was present at the spot, but he didn't physically assault anyone. He stopped to ask them to not to misbehave with the woman. He also requested them to take their argument to the sidelines as there was huge traffic pile up. He immediately left the scene," Suriya's manager said in a statement.