Congress facing problems of its own Making: Rijiju

New Delhi: Categorically denying the allegations that the BJP was behind the Congress Party's trouble in Arunachal Pradesh, Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju has said that the problems of the Congress are of its own making. In an interview to News 24 Editor in Chief Anuradha Prasad , Rijiju said that Congress is given to consistent failures in Arunachal because of  its policy to overlook the concerns and aspirations of the smaller states. Putting the onus of the gradual weakening of the grand old party on the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, Rijiju said that as a political party it wasn't the role of the BJP to save the Congress in either Arunachal or elsewhere.

Rijiju had similar words for the Delhi Chief Minister whom he blamed for faking his responses in front of the media. Kejriwal, he said, is generally very congenial and good while interacting within the confines of the four walls of the offices of the Central Govt. but changes colour and gets aggressive the moment he goes to the media. Coming down heavily on the absence of the Delhi chief minister and his deputy when Delhi is facing Chikungunya and Dengue crises, Rijiju remarked that the presence of either of the two in such trying circumstances was indeed necessary. Indicating that consistent witch hunting against the Delhi LG by the AAP leaders won't help, the minister of state for home pointed out that LG's mandate was not to man the day to day affairs of the Delhi Govt.


Making a case for Central Govt. handling of the ongoing Kashmir crises, Rijiju said that the crises is being managed in the best possible way. The way shown by former PM Vajpayee, he said is being followed . He denounced Pakistan for its role in the crises and said export of terror and talks cannot continue together. For talks to happen, Rijiju said a conducive atmosphere has to be created by Pakistan.  But speculating its impossibility in the same breadth, Rijiju opined that hate India campaign and keeping Kashmir on the boil is basically a sure shot guarantee to the stability of any political dispensation in Islamabad.