'Congress forcing government to hold debates'

New Delhi,:  Countering Prime Minister Narendra Modi's charge, the Congress on Monday said it was, in fact, the BJP-led government that ran away from issues while the party was forcing the government to debate key matters. Modi during an interview aired on Monday on TimesNow news channel accused the Congress of running away from the debate on key issues.  "The Congress has been forcing the government to hold a debate. It is the Modi government that digresses from the debate and runs away on principal issues and only believes in theatrics and rhetoric," Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala told IANS here. "Modi is known for his autocratic style of functioning and scant regard for constitutionalism," he added. Modi in his interview slammed the Congress for allegedly disrupting Parliament and said that while other opposition parties cooperate with the government on key issues, the Congress does not.  "The sad part is they are running away from the debate. This is a serious issue for a democracy. Parliament is there for debate," Modi said.  Another Congress spokesman, Tom Vadakkan, also denied the charge and said the Congress had cooperated with the government. "We have cooperated with the government and that is how a number of bills have been passed. It is incorrect to say that the Congress has not allowed debate, but certain procedures have to be followed. The initiative has to come from the ruling party," Vadakkan said.