Congress President Rahul Gandhi conducted a roadshow in Shillong, Meghalaya

New Delhi, Feb 21: Congress President Rahul Gandhi is in Meghalaya and has conducted a roadshow amidst cheers in Shillong, Meghalaya. 
Earlier Rahul Gandhi left no stones unturned to pinch BJP with his sarcastic comments. "BJP comes here and offered crores of rupees to the churches of Meghalaya. Just like they think they can buy some Congress MLA's and form the governmt here. They also think they can come here and buy the church, the religion and God. This is disgusting," said Rahul Gandhi in Meghalya.

“With the RSS, one of the ministers had actually come to Meghalaya to offer crores of rupees to the Church”, Gandhi told a crowd at a rally organised to seek support from people for Congress candidates in North Garo Hills, at Mendipathar in Meghalaya.
w the BJP has a lot of money. Some of the richest people in India support them. I know with this money the BJP bought many MPs, including people from the Congress party. People from our party joined them because of financial investments. With their arrogance, the BJP actually believes they can buy God. However, the spirit of the people of Meghalaya can never be bought and it has no price to it,” Gandhi asserted.

“You have a big question in your mind. This is about Nirav Modi, who has run away with `22,000 crore, money that belonged to Indians. I would request the Prime Minister to bring back Nirav Modi along with the people’s money when he goes on his next foreign trip,” Gandhi said.Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday asked him to bring back absconding diamantaire Nirav Modi "when he returns from his foreign trips".

"I would like to request this Modi (Prime Minister), on behalf of all of us, to bring back the other (Nirav) Modi when he goes on another of his many foreign trips. We will all be very grateful as a nation to get our hard-earned money back," the Congress chief said while launching the second leg of his campaign ahead of the February 27 Meghalaya Assembly elections.

Gandhi also drew a comparison between the Prime Minister and Nirav.

"... Nirav Modi sold diamonds, which are the stuff he claims dreams are made of. In fact, one can say he sold dreams to many people, including the government which happily slept while (Nirav) Modi ran away with the public's hard-earned money," he said.

"A few years ago, another (Prime Minister) Modi also sold dreams to the people of India. Dreams of 'achche din', Rs 15 lakh in everyone's bank account, two crore jobs, and so on," the Congress leader said.

Gandhi noted that people had reposed faith in Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections because of their grand promises, thinking that Modi would give them jobs.

"Farmers thought their hard work would be respected and their produce get a fair price; tribals felt they would also get equal share and their land, traditions, and culture would be protected."

"But as this government's tenure nears an end," Gandhi said, "it is clear that instead of giving hope, security and economic growth they have dealt us only hopelessness, unemployment, fear, hatred and violence.

"And with (liquor baron) Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi scams we know this is a government that not only cannot remove corruption but is also actively participating in it."

Appealing to the 18.31 lakh electorate in Meghalaya not to vote for the National People's Party (NPP) headed by Lok Sabha member Conrad Sangma, the Congress chief claimed the NPP is "working to become the B-team of BJP".

"Don't fall in the trap of NPP," he said, as he reminded people how the NPP is a coalition partner in the BJP-led government in Manipur.

"They are running a government in Manipur with the BJP, which the BJP formed through ill-gotten money and power. Today, I promise you that we will not allow a repetition of Manipur in Meghalaya. On behalf of the Congress I assure you this," he said.

Voicing confidence that the Congress will retain power in Meghalaya, Gandhi said the Congress will unite each and every voice in Meghalaya that calls for justice.

Praising Chief Minister Mukul Sangma for what he said was ushering in an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity, the Congress chief said: "You have one of the most hardworking Chief Ministers in the country. Everyone can see the tremendous development here. Gone are the days of bandhs, strikes and violent activities."

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