Congress threatened Judges to delay Ayodhya hearing..Rahul's party is against Ram Temple, PM blasts Cong Prez

New Delhi, Nov 25: Amidst VHP Dharam Sabha on Ram Temple in Ayodhya and mounting pressure from Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, PM Narendra Modi broke his silence on Ram Temple by accusing Congress for delay in construction of Ram Temple. Modi said that Congress did not want the case to be heard in Supreme Court before 2019 elections and Congress MPs threaten SC judges with impeachment if they want to hear the case.          “Jab Ayodhya ka case chal raha tha, Congress ke neta, Rajya Sabha ke sadasya kehte hain ki 2019 tak case mat chalao kyunki 2019 mein chunaav hai. Desh ke nyayatantra ko is prakaar se rajneeti mein ghaseetna uchit hai kya? (When Ram temple case was being heard, Congress leader and a Rajya Sabha member said don’t hear it till 2019 as the country will go to polls in the year. Is it fair to drag country’s judiciary into politics like this?),” said PM at a rally in Rajasthan’s Alwar district.Modi also alleged that Congress used threats to delay the Ayodhya case hearing. “Jab SC ka koi judge Ayodhya jaise gambheer samvedansheel maslo mein, desh ko nyaya dilane ki disha mein sabko sunna chahte hain to Congress ke Rajya Sabha ke vakeel SC ke nyaayamurtiyo ke khilaf impeachment la kar ke unko darate dhamkate hain (Whenever any SC judge wants to hear in the Ram temple case, the Congress’ Rajya Sabha lawyer used the threat of impeachment to “scare” judges),” Modi added. “This is a dangerous play. The Congress is committing a crime by using impeachment to stop lawful procedures. They are enslaving the country using their power in the Rajya Sabha,” said PM.Attacking Congress further, Modi said, “They give Rajya Sabha tickets to prominent Supreme Court advocates, who attend proceedings in the court all day and then sit in the Rajya Sabha. We don’t have a majority in that House, so they are using it to their advantage. Those Congress members in the Rajya Sabha have told to Supreme Court to not restart the case till 2019 because of the impending elections.”Modi promised to stop the wrong doings of Congress. “This is a dangerous game. Congress has no faith in the judiciary. They are working to scare judiciary on the grounds of their numbers in the Rajya Sabha but I we will not let this ‘kala karnama‘ happen in the temple of democracy. I would also like to tell judges that do not be afraid and keep going on the path of justice,” he added.The PM also attacked Congress for personal attacks on him, saying that the opposition party was unable to match his development agenda. “Day by day, the Congress is stooping to new lows, they have abandoned the traditions and etiquettes of politics and have lost their courage to talk about the real issues like development. They are now talking about my caste and targeting my mother, ” added Modi.News24 Bureau(Photo:Internet)