Congress unable to digest country's progress under Modi: BJP

New Delhi: Attacking the Congress for spreading what it said was false propaganda against the government, the BJP said on Sunday that the opposition party was unable to digest the fact that the country was progressing under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "The Congress stands exposed today. It has given this country nothing but problems and we are trying to find solutions to those problems. But we are confident that the public will not be swayed by this false propaganda of the Congress," BJP national secretary Srikant Sharma said in a statement here. He said the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had set an example for others to follow. "The previous UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government failed on all fronts. However, not a single case of corruption has come out (against Modi government) in the last two years. Even the opposition could not get anything against us. We have set an example for others," he said. The convenor of the BJP media cell said the earler UPA government proved to be a "villain" on all fronts while the Modi government had emerged as a "hero" by giving a transparent and corruption-free governance. Reacting to senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram's statement on the status of job creation in the country, Sharma said he is a "failed" leader. "He (Chidambaram) is a failed leader of the earlier UPA government. It is because of his frustration that he is putting such questions on this government," Sharma said. "Is it not laughable that a failed finance minister of a corrupt Congress government is raising question about a successful government due to his frustration?"  Chidambaram on Saturday questioned the NDA government for its "failure to create jobs" during its two-year rule and said its record in agriculture was dismal. At a press conference here as the National Democratic Alliance government completed two years, senior Chidambaram said: "The government's record in agriculture is dismal. Growth was negative at minus 0.2 percent in 2014-15 and a meagre 1.1 percent in 2015-16." Responding to Chidambaram, Sharma said the Modi government had tried to change the country's direction in the last two years. "This government ensured economic development with public welfare. It has been successful in its attempt of all-round development of the country," he said. The BJP leader said: "Skill India, Start-up India and Stand-up India are some of the schemes launched by this government that have provided lots of employment opportunities to the youth." The NDA (National Democratic Alliance) government celebrated its second anniversary with a gala affair at the India Gate lawns here on Saturday.