Conjoined twins unlikely to undergo separation surgery

Mumbai: The conjoined twins born in a civic-run hospital here last month are unlikely to undergo surgery to separate them anytime soon following apprehensions expressed by the mother about survival of the babies.

"Despite our best efforts, we are unable to convince the mother (of the conjoined twins) and therefore, we are yet to decide whether or not to operate to separate the twins," said Dr Paras Kothari, noted paediatric surgeon at the Sion Hospital here.

The twins have a common thorax, spine, heart, abdomen, stomach and pelvis and are currently under the observation of doctors in the Sion Hospital.

"Since they share the same spinal chord upto chest, hence there are slim chances of survival of one the babies, and this is the point with which the mother is not convinced to give her permission to operate on them," Dr Kothari said.