Contentment is very boring: Aalia Bhatt

On being asked, where does she get her instinctive nature from while selecting roles, she says, "It is conscious, but in an unconscious way. My heart is automatically is reaching out to these roles. It is so happening that every film I am doing is so different from one another. I am not picking up the same film.

It was a golden moment for me when Highway came my way. It showcased my side as an actor. I want to be glamourous and be at the top of all fashion portals, but I also want to be at the top of all National Awards." 

Thus, what does she believe is the true essence of acting? To which, she says, this is precisely what actors live for. The love from the audience is more powerful than you think — it keeps us going. I got a lot of compliments from everyone, from Aamir Khan to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan; everyone appreciated it, sent messages. It was overwhelming. But the best words came from localities. I was traveling to Amritsar for an assignment and random people — farmers and all, they came to me and spoke about Udta Punjab.

These things just make my day. Why it also matters is because I don't think I've ever worked as hard on anything as much I worked on Udta Punjab. I worked my ass off. And there's no greater feeling in the world than the rewards you get for genuine hard work.

The selection of a variant roles is the result of a need to strike a balance, according to me. It also speaks volumes of her confidence, to be able to realize that she has the ability to essay it convincingly. It isn't so much an attempt to indulge or entertain yourself on the film sets, but to actually create an impact with your portrayal through your image and appeal. That connect has to happen for a star to be born