Corbyn loses cool when asked if he was 'running away'

London: British Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn on Saturday lost his cool when a reporter asked him if he was "running away" from answering questions about his beleaguered leadership. An ITN journalist posed the question to the Labour leader after he spoke at a rally at Highbury Fields in Islington, which saw a visibly angry Corbyn lunging in her direction in front of camera crews and photographers, the Telegraph reported. Photographer Julian Andrews said: "There were three or four camera crews and a handful of photographers. Everyone had been told that he wasn't answering questions. He was walking back to his car when it happened." "The reporter asked him if he was running away and he completely fired up. He swung around and made his way to confront her but two or three aides carried him away. He was really p***** off." "At the end he put his game face back on and said 'get in touch with my office'." In a video of the incident, Corbyn can be heard saying: "If you want to arrange an interview speak to my press office, thank you." Corbyn is facing fresh calls to "retire with dignity" this weekend as Labour MPs seek to avoid a bitter and protracted leadership contest this summer.