Cornered Aditya Narayan apologises to the Indigo staff

New Delhi, Oct 2: So after the guidelines for traveling by Air  has put put in black and white it certainly is giving jitters to the celebrities and their spoilt brats. Here comes the news that Aditya Narayan, who has misbehaved earlier in the day with an Indigo staff has finally apologised as he was told that otherwise he won't be getting the Boarding Pass.

"Informed that if he continues to misbehave he won't be allowed to travel. He apologised to ground staff and was given boarding cards, said an IndiGo staffer. Explaining the event and the developments, as they unfolded te staffer said, "When politely asked to be civil and not use such language, he started shouting even louder and used abusive words. While making a video, he pointed a finger at the Duty Manager and again used profanity

He said he will not pay more than 10000 INR for the excess baggage and also used unparliamentary language with the female staff member. Amount to be paid for carriage of excess baggage came to 13000 INR. He refused to pay this amount to the female check in staff member:

Little did the airline staff know that he will be cursed and abused in public by a celebrity son for doing his duty. This is exactly what happened when at the Raipur airport he stopped singer Udit Narayan's son Aditya Narayan as the weight of his hand luggage was beyond the permissible limit. He was caught on camera abusing and misbehaving with an Indigo staff and threatening him that he will get his underwear down as he did not know the consequences of messing with him.