Corruption in Delhi reduced by 70 to 80 percent: Kejriwal

Panaji: Corruption in the national capital has not been completely eliminated, but has reduced by about 70 to 80 percent since the AAP government came to power, Delhi Chief Minister Arivind Kejriwal said on Sunday. "Corruption is least in Delhi. I am not saying it is (reduced by) 100 percent. But we have reduced corruption by 70 percent to 80 percent," he told a public meeting organised by his Aam Aadmi Party, as it gears up for the upcoming assembly polls, which are tentatively scheduled to be held in January next year. Kejriwal said that his government's efforts to crackdown on corruption were being impeded by the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which he claimed had been wrested away the Anti-Corruption Bureau from the purview of the state government for ulterior motives.  "They will not crackdown on corruption and not let us do it. Let them do what they want, our resolve against corruption will not end. Our battle against corruption will go on," he asserted.